Saturday, 6 December 2014


My boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Wednesday so we made sure we cleared our very busy work schedules so we could go to dinner. It was lovely and I was very lucky as he bought me several amazing presents that included clothing and a ring. It's so pretty! Anyway, this is what a wore; a skirt he also bought me! He's soooooo sweet. This skirt is a huge divergence away from what I would normally wear; for a start it's pink, then there's the length - ankle length is so not my scene, and it's all girly and satiny. However...I love it! It makes me feel like a princess and I was drawn straight to it when I saw it in H&M! I am definitely in love! But decided to dress it down a bit with my favourite white jumper from Topshop. Oh yeh, I chopped my hair off btw. This is it in it's wavy style. I keep having moments of love and loathing with it though. I think over all it's love...what do you guys think?

Skirt & necklace; H&M: shoes & jumper; Topshop

Friday, 21 November 2014

En Vie November

Just in case you missed it! Here's November's En Vie . I've just been putting the finishing touches to December's edition so I will let you know when it's time to take peek. Lots of trends you can buy for a friend for Christmas....or yourself! Some more outfit posts coming soon,

J xxx

Monday, 17 November 2014


Sorry I've been missing for a while, work is taking up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall my time :( A couple of weeks ago however it was half term and the boy and I managed to get away for a few days. Here's one outfit I wore to a cute pub for dinner, followed by yummy cocktails in the hotel bar :D

Yup, wearing my favourite skirt again, lol! I really, really love this skirt so you will probably be seeing it a lot this winter...sorry!

Boots & necklace; Topshop: skirt and jumper; H&M: T-shirt & leather jacket; Zara.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Matching Leopard

Yet another piece I wrote about in September's En Vie. Here I put the top in the magazine but loved the matching skirt so much I got both! It's quite a thick neoprene-esque material so definitely autumn/winter proof.
I wore the crop top separately with jeans a few weeks back to go karaokeing with some dear friends from Japan. It was a great test to see if the top could last an entire night of drinking, dancing, crashing out at a mates and still looking respectable the next day on the journey home. The verdict? Definitely!
I also wore the skirt with my neon orange crop top to a show at London Fashion Week. Basically, these pieces are so versatile I will definitely get my money's worth.

Unfortunately the Zara bag does not contain goodies for me, although it does contain a very cute jumper for the bf that I am totally borrowing!

Crop top, skirt, ring; H&M: ballet flats; Zara: watch; Guess

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Lion Print

I wrote abut this skirt in the trends section of En Vie's September issue and here's me wearing it. I LOVE this skirt and am wearing it all the time, so I guess that's kind of boring but...well I love it! It's quilted and I love the mix of oranges, browns and sky blue. I also am in love with the jumper I'm wearing here, which is quilted too. It works with everything from skirts to dresses to jeans to shorts! I've nearly worn these flat pumps to death now but they were a bargain from H&M and so comfy. Hope you're all having a good weekend! My Saturday is being spent planning so I can enjoy Sunday with my boyfriend so I suppose I should get back to it...think I'll do history next as the Romans is a fun topic!

Skirt, jumper, shoes; H&M: necklace; River Island.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

En Vie September

Hey guys, the September issue has been out for a while in case you haven't seen it. Check out the animal print trend - I have both items and will be posting pics soon. I also wrote the article Boho Babe on the latest take on the bohemian trend. Read it here.

Last night I was lucky enough to be a FROWer at London Fashion Week, it was awesome. Check back later for the write up and October's En Vie for pics and a more in depth look.

Off to finish marking literacy as am up early to explode a volcano tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

London Nights

I'm recovering still from last night, but I'm nearly there, hah! I went out for a delicious burger with my boyfriend then joined my flatmate for his birthday drinks on top of a car park in Peckham. Gotta love London! I was a little chilly on top of the car park but luckily I had my trusty leather jacket with me. You can just see in the second picture my new gold metallic temporary tattoo from Flash Tattoos. I love it and can't wait to try out all the others I got. I will show you some more close up pics soon.

Shoes, vest top; Zara: jeans; H&M: necklace; Oasis.